Driver Appreciation Week!

In your honor, we would like to welcome all Van Eerden Trucking drivers to join us for food, raffle drawings and a gift during the following dates; September 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th. Times will vary so please watch the Fleet Messages announcements. Thank you to our drivers for all your efforts and dedication to our success!

Check out our Facebook page during the week for pictures and updates from the event!

A Van Eerden Truck in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan

About Us

Van Eerden Trucking, based in Byron Center, Michigan, was founded in 1980. The grandsons of the founder of Van Eerden Distribution Company, an 95 year old full-service food distributor, created Van Eerden Trucking to provide backhaul services. The company operated primarily as a small owner-operator fleet until 1987, when Van Eerden developed into a fleet of company owned and operated equipment.

Today, we operate over 150 tractors, 300 trailers, have a 48 states Contract and Common Carrier Authority, including a Brokers license. Our major markets include the Southeast, Southwest, East Coast and West Coast states.

A Van Eerden truck in Utah

We pride ourselves in a workplace which encourages the development and growth of all its employees as well as maintaining our outstanding relationships with our customers. Our experienced and professional staff possess the knowledge and capabilities to provide the highest level of transportation services to our customers as well as an exceptional work environment for our drivers. The knowledge and integrity of all our employees have created an atmosphere where our drivers feel as if they are a valued and respected part of the Van Eerden family receiving personalized service of an "old fashioned" nature. We highly value our professional drivers and their safety. Please be sure to go to the employment tab to read more about the benefits of working at Van Eerden Trucking.