We are very excited to launch our official Driver Recognition Program.

As a show of our appreciation and in recognition, we’ve established a Driver Recognition Program to showcase the years of service that so many of our drivers have provided. We are very fortunate to have so many drivers with multiple years of service levels ranging up to and even exceeding 30 years with our company!

All of our drivers are very important to us and we value all of your efforts each and every day. This Award Program is set-up to acknowledge specific years of service milestones.

We will be recognizing drivers that have between 5-9 years of service with an individual Certificate Award. For drivers that have 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 or more years, they will be presented with a custom Van Eerden Trucking Driver Years of Service Block Award. This multi-level award is made-up of two separate units (a base and recognition block). The base block has the driver’s name, year of hire and our company logo with a building block honoring the years of service and expression of gratitude.

Our Driver Recognition Award features a stack-able, multi-block design that we anticipate adding to as drivers are recognized for other achievements.

By design, this award system is one that we plan to expand to other performance levels of recognition for all of our drivers, such as safety milestones and other special landmarks which will include other stack-able “Blocks of Recognition”.

Thank you very much for all that you do and all your efforts! We have the best drivers in the industry and we wanted to recognize these career milestones as a display of our appreciation.

A special acknowledgement of the efforts of both Angie and Marlo in developing this program for our drivers!