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Million Miles Awards in 2022

November 10, 2022
We are excited to announce our Million Mile Employees for 2022. These drivers have achieved a career milestone of a million miles plus of safe driving.

We are excited to announce in 2022 our Million Mile Employees

We greatly appreciate all of our drivers and value each driver’s hard work, dedication and efforts.  We are excited to announce that we will be recognizing those drivers that have achieved the career milestone of a million miles plus of safe driving.  This milestone represent the individual miles driven over consecutive years of service with our company.  We would like to recognize the exceptional level of professional commitment, hard work and dedication required to achieve this incredible accomplishment through a new element of our VET Professional Driver Award Program.  We will be formally recognizing each of these drivers for successfully achieving this milestone with a unique and personalized award.  

VET Million Mile Professional Achievement Levels:  

Drivers reaching the 1 Million Mile mark will receive a customized key chain as a Silver award recipient.  Drivers reaching the 2 Million or more will receive a customized key chain as a Gold award recipient; and those Drivers achieving 3-4 Million Miles plus will receive a customized key chain, a VET Safe Miles Achievement Cube Award, as well as a gift of appreciation.  

For all that have achieved these levels, we hope that the key chain is a daily reminder of their success every time these drivers turn the key to start that next mile.  This individual award is also meant to be a unique symbol of peer recognition for those that have met these milestones.  In addition, we will be posting the names of these individuals including the milestone levels in our hall.  Please take a moment to look over this Wall of Recognition with the names of near 60 drivers.  Congratulations to these individuals for reaching this professional milestones with our company!  

We look forward to each year welcoming even more of Our Drivers to this exclusive club.

All the very best,


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